Lemon Tone MkII

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The Lemon Tone MKII is a three transistor circuit inspired by the Tone Bender MKII. It has three controls, Volume, Gain and Gate. The Gate knob controls the overall bias of the pedal and the sound character from rusty gated tones to bright and more open air sounds and better clean up. Also, the circuit is very temperature sensitive and the sound of the Fuzz changes considerably when it's hot or cold, this knob is there to compensate for those changes as well. This pedal is handcrafted with New Old Stock components, selected and matched individually for each unit. Scroll down to watch our videos.

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Germanium Fuzz

Lemon Tone MkII

Each pedal is tested manually, as its components, transistors, resistors and capacitors, are selected and matched for each unit in order to control noise level, gain, and other factors that are relevant for the kind of new old stock components that we use.

Unlike most comercial reissues of 60’s pedals that use modern components, this fuzz does not have any type of smoothing or filtering, it's built with NOS components, to resemble the sounds and behavior of the guitar fuzz pedals of the 60s decade. This is why our pedals carry away behaviors that occurred in the past, such as radio interference, higher noise levels and variations in behaviors at different temperatures. Having said this, we believe that the mystique of the effect is there, in those so-called ' imperfections '.

In no case does the noise or the level of radio interference may exceed what is found in the original pedals, and the final sound will always depend on a set of factors (equipment, guitars, etc).



  • Alpha potentiometer.
  • Switchcraft jacks.
  • Alpha footswitch.
  • NOS electronic components.
  • Matched germanium transistors.
  • 3 years warranty (for defects in workmanship and materials).

If you're looking for that late 60's lead tone that no other distortion or overdrive could give you, it's time to try what was used at that time"

Made in Argentina
Hecho en Argentina