About Us

We love what we do. Carefully selected components, attention to detail, handwired quality and legendary tone, that’s what makes us unique.

Each pedal is tested manually, as its components, transistors, resistors and capacitors, are selected and matched for each unit in order to control noise level, gain, and other factors that are relevant for the kind of new old stock components that we use.

Unlike most comercial reissues of 60’s pedals that use modern components, it's important to understand that not only the circuits that we build, but also the way we manufacture our pedals and the components we use pretend to resemble the sounds and behavior of the guitar fuzz pedals of that decade; Our pedals do not have any type of smoothing or filtering, so the pedals carry away behaviors that occurred in the past, such as radio interference, higher noise levels and variations in behaviors at different temperatures. Having said this, we believe that the mystique of the effect is there, in those so-called  "imperfections" that make it so seductive.

In no case does the noise or the level of radio interference may exceed what is found in the original pedals, and the final sound will always depend on a set of factors (equipment, guitars, etc).