Why does the sound of my pedal change during cold/hot seasons?

Our pedals are built with NOS components and do not have any type of smoothing or filtering, so you may find variations in behaviors at different temperatures. All our pedals are calibrated to work within a range of 0 to 35 Celsius, if you live in a place where temperatures exceed that range please when ordering your pedal WRITE IN ORDER NOTES in what temperature range is your pedal going to be used so we can accommodate the components to reach the best performance.

Why do I hear the radio while using my pedal?

Unlike most comercial reissues of 60’s pedals that use modern components, it's important to understand that not only the circuits that we build, but also the way we manufacture our pedals and the components we use pretend to resemble the sounds and behavior of the guitar fuzz pedals of that decade; Our pedals do not have any type of smoothing or filtering, so they carry away behaviors that occurred in the past, such as radio interference. In no case the noise or the level of radio interference may exceed what is found in the original pedals, and the final sound will always depend on a set of factors (cables, guitars, etc).

Can I order my pedal with an LED?

Yes, you can. The reason why our stock pedals do not have LEDs is because even a dimmed LED will drain the battery much faster than without it. Anyway if you need the LED you can add it to your order, but do consider this for usage.

What type of power supply do our pedals require?

There's no way to briefly explain why the use of batteries is better than power supply in vintage pedals. Apart from lower noise, soundwise a battery will yield different shades of FUZZ as it gets drained. A PSU will keep the voltage always the same and the pedal will not change its behavior as the voltage that it receives will remain constant and steady. Apart from voltage, these kinds of pedals are affected by weather, but we've already talked about that. To summarize, again, we strongly recommend the use of batteries for fuzzes, but if for any reason you need yours to have a Jack Connector, you can add it to the order but PLEASE note that the performance will not be the same and search for common issues on the internet using a PSU adapter on vintage fuzzes.

How to use a power supply with my HAZE Germanium?

Our HAZE Germanium option uses positive ground, meaning its circuit carries reverse polarity to most pedals, which are negative ground. This is why, if we choose DC jack power input on this pedal, we must bear in mind that it will not be able to share a conventional power supply with most of the pedals. There are two ways you can use this pedal with the rest of the effects chain. One is allocating a separate power supply (with a positive in the center) that feeds only the HAZE Germanium or other pedals that are also mass positive. The other is to use a source with isolated outputs, reversing the polarity of the connectors that go to the positive ground pedals. It is important to clarify that we must never reverse the polarity of a plug if we are not sure that this output is isolated, since if it were not, the power supply would short-circuit and run the risk of burning out. We recommend checking with the power supply manufacturer that the outputs are really isolated from each other.

What kind of battery works best for my pedal?

Any 9V battery will work, but we DO NOT recommend using rechargeable/lithium batteries. Our advice is to use the cheapest carbon batteries you can find.

How long does my pedal battery last?

This really depends on the use, but in general a 9V battery lasts up to 200hr. The battery is part of the circuit in our fuzzes so our pedals will have different shades of Fuzz at different battery levels, this, among other things is what makes fuzzes so attractive. Anyway, to make the battery last, remember to unplug the INPUT when you finish using it, otherwise the pedal will still be consuming battery even if it's turned off.

Do you offer repairs? What happens if I need to repair my pedal?

Yes, but we only repair our own pedals :(. Remember that if you are having problems with one of our pedals, DO NOT send it back without contacting us first. Send us an email, and maybe we can figure it out remotely.

Can I send you my pedal to mod?

Yes of course, but in that case, shipping will be charged to the customer and due to local custom regulations the mod will take approximately 20 to 30 working days.

I have a specific question, how can I contact you?

You can always send us an email, WhatsApp or contact us via Instagram.


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